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Blog Posts in April, 2016

  • What to do if you're in a car wreck

    Many times, the difference between winning and losing your personal injury case depends on what happens at the scene of the accident. If you are in a car wreck, follow these steps to help make sure that your case is successful: Take pictures with your cell phone before the cars are removed from the roadway-use multiple angles and get the other cars license plate number, as well as what areas are ...
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  • Auto Accidents

    Why your seatbelt can injure you There’s no doubt that seatbelts are the single-most effective means of saving your life in an accident. They keep you from being ejected from the car. However, their use can be responsible for a variety of injuries. Because they pin down parts of your body, the force from an accident can cause your body to twist at a high velocity, causing spinal and other ...
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  • The Cossé Law Firm Cares

    The Cossé Law Firm cares about the people of New Orleans. That’s why it supports many of the following important organizations that make a difference in people’s lives: Sista Strut - We sponsored the first annual breast cancer walk dedicated to raising awareness for breast cancer-specifically in African-American women. Hogs for the cause- this year, the Cossé Law Firm sponsored 2 BBQ teams ...
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  • What to do if you're in a wreck when cars are changing lanes

    One of the hardest cases to prove is when one car changes lanes and crashes into the other. The reason is that each party will generally claim that the other improperly entered their lane of travel. After calling the police, the best way to defeat this problem is by taking pictures with your cell phone before the cars are removed from the roadway. Take multiple pictures from various angles. The ...
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  • What is comparative fault?

    In Louisiana, you don’t have to be completely free from fault in order to recover for your injuries. Louisiana is a comparative fault state, which means that the value of your injuries are reduced only by your percentage of fault. For example, if your injuries are worth $100,000 and you have 10% of the fault, then you would receive $90,000. Even if you are told by the police officer at the scene ...
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  • Why you need Uninsured Motorist coverage, or "UM"

    When you buy car insurance, possibly the most important coverage you can buy is Uninsured Motorist coverage, or “UM”. It’s the insurance that covers YOU if the person that hits you doesn’t have any or enough liability coverage to compensate you for your injuries. In Louisiana, it’s automatically included at a very low price unless you reject it- which is exactly why many insurance companies don’t ...
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  • Connect With Cossé Law Firm

    With over 20 years of experience Cossé Law Firm has successfully recovered millions of dollars for clients throughout New Orleans, LA. Representing clients who have suffered from injuries due to truck accidents, car accidents, defective products, or have lost a loved one due to wrongful death, our qualified lawyers work personally with each client to seek a positive outcome. Not charging any legal ...
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  • Always get a Police Report

    When you get in a wreck, always get a police report. People are the most honest and have the best recollection right when the wreck happens. Over time, memories fade and stories change. If you get a police report, you have a record of the investigation that you can rely on. More importantly, the police officer can testify about his investigation and give his opinion about who was at fault. Judges ...
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  • How Easy It Is To Receive A Brain Injury

    How Easy It Is To Receive A Brain Injury Even a whiplash injury can cause an acquired brain injury. Because the brain floats in the skull like jello in a bowl, a simpe rear-end car wreck can cause the front and back of the brain to slap the inside of the skull. This can permanently damage the axons in the brain, which are responsible for the communication inside the brain. This can cause problems ...
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