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What to do if you're in a wreck when cars are changing lanes


What to do if you're in a wreck when cars are changing lanes

One of the hardest cases to prove is when one car changes lanes and crashes into the other. The reason is that each party will generally claim that the other improperly entered their lane of travel.

After calling the police, the best way to defeat this problem is by taking pictures with your cell phone before the cars are removed from the roadway. Take multiple pictures from various angles. The most important pictures to take are of the roadway itself and what lawyers call “the debris field”. This is where broken pieces of the cars land when the cars collide. Items like plastic from the tail lights tell the story. If those pieces are in your lane, then it generally means that the other car entered your lane. This is essential to proving that the other driver, and not you, is at fault.

This can make the difference between you receiving half of what you deserve to all of what you deserve.

If you have a wreck involving a lane change, call the Cossé Law Firm right away so that we can investigate the scene and protect your rights.

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