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What Does Your Attorney Need to Prove to Win a Personal Injury Case?


What Does Your Attorney Need to Prove to Win a Personal Injury Case?

The days and months following your accident are a critical time. Having a knowledgeable lawyer by your side from the start can make all of the difference in the amount of compensation you are able to recover. It is essential to have a representative present in your injury case because you will have to prove certain elements in your claim in order to receive any financial help.

When you are injured in an accident, what do you need to prove to win your case?

  1. Liability: This is related to “fault” in your accident. You need to prove that the other party is liable for the accident and that it is a direct result of their negligent or reckless actions. This is usually proved with the police report. If the report is unclear, then other evidence may be used to prove fault, such as depositions, video surveillance, witness reports, photos of the damage or injuries involved, etc.
  2. Damages: This relates to the aftermath of how you have been affected by the accident. Medical treatments for your injuries, your lost income, the level of pain and suffering you have to deal with, how your day-to-day life has been affected, and other effects of your accident are all considered damages.
  3. Causation: Insurance companies will only compensate you for how this accident has “caused” your damages. For example, if you have a back injury from your accident but you have had back pain in the past, then you will only be compensated for how your accident “caused” your back pain to be worse or different.

The best way to make sure you are properly compensated is to hire a New Orleans injury law firm with the expertise in proving these and other elements of a personal injury case. At our firm, we have recovered millions of dollars for past clients throughout Louisiana. Our goals are always to get you the best medical care and most money to cover the costs related to your injuries.

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