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What Questions Should I Ask My Doctor After an Accident?


What Questions Should I Ask My Doctor After an Accident?

If the injuries you sustained in an accident require the medical attention of a doctor / surgeon / etc., you’ll need to know more than just what the injuries are and how they were incurred. Understanding the short- and long-term ramifications can help you – and your attorney – better prepare any claim or lawsuit brought on your behalf.

After an accident that caused you injury, make sure you ask these important questions. The responses you get could impact the amount of compensation you ultimately receive.

1.Do my injuries put me at risk of future health concerns of any kind?
Some injuries are so serious in nature that long-term, even permanent damage, may result. If you sustained injury that resulted in irreversible pain / damage, you deserve to be compensated accordingly. Any long-term health concerns, including side effects, that developed from your accident must be thoroughly documented by your treating physician, and a continuing care program should be implemented. The cost of the medical care you’ll need in order to live with long-term or permanent injuries can be factored into the total compensation awarded to you for your pain and suffering.

2.How do I get copies of my medical records?
Any claim or lawsuit you bring on behalf of your accident and injuries will require thorough medical documentation and evidence. Don’t be afraid to ask for any and all medical records connected to the injuries you sustained in the accident, as they can serve as proof of the pain and suffering you endured. From the bill for your hospital stay to every doctor’s visit you attend after the accident, as well as prescription medications, physician’s notes, referrals, etc., everything can impact your claim.

3.Can I return to work, and if so, when?
Accident victims are often required to take time off work in order to recover from their injuries; and the longer you are away from work, the more compensation you may be entitled to. For car accident victims in particular, symptoms and injuries may not fully present themselves until a few days after the collision, which means you’ll likely feel worse days after the accident than you did after the initial collision. Early on, ask your doctor for an estimated recovery time, especially if it’s projected to be long-term. Knowing upfront how long you’ll be out of work (and how this will impact your earning potential) can help your attorney better prepare your claim or lawsuit.

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