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How Are Car Accident Claims Settled?


How Are Car Accident Claims Settled?

If you were involved in a car accident, you might be wondering about the proper way to proceed with settling a vehicle damage or injury claim against the negligent party. Although the other driver may have caused the collision, you typically will not be dealing with that party directly in the attempt to settle your claim for damages.

What You Must First Do

When it comes to recovering compensation for your injury and property damage, you will work directly with the other driver’s insurance provider. It is imperative to collect specific information while you’re still at the scene of the accident, such as contact and insurance information from the other driver, as well as contact information from any police officers and witnesses at the scene.

In addition, it is a great idea to take pictures of the accident scene. Take multiple pictures of the damage to each vehicle, the injuries suffered, the license plate of each vehicle, the locations of the vehicles, and the road and weather conditions.

If you are making a claim for property damage only, you may be entitled to collect compensation for vehicle damage, personal property damage (such as a computer in the car that was damaged by the accident), car rental, and out-of-pocket expenses (such as a taxi to get home or the police station after an accident).

What If You Are Injured?

If you suffer injuries in a car accident, the legal issues involved are more complex. In addition to those items of damages listed in the section above, you might be entitled to reimbursement of medical bills, as well as lost wages. Furthermore, you also claim compensation for your physical and mental pain and suffering derived from the collision. It is important to obtain the legal representation of an experienced personal injury attorney to help you obtain monetary damages and recover from your injuries.

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