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Bad Driving Habits Can Increase Risk of Car Accidents


Bad Driving Habits Can Increase Risk of Car Accidents

car accidentWe have all encountered reckless drivers on the road who engage in dangerous driving habits. Many these habits may not seem significant, but they can actually cause severe accidents that may result in devastating injuries, or even fatalities. While we cannot control the actions of others, we can control ourselves. You can make the road safer by choosing to break the following bad habits:

1.Running red lights: We all want to make it through the intersection and arrive at our destination as soon as we can, but running a red light is dangerous and illegal. You could injure another driver, or even a pedestrian.

2.Texting: Many of us are eager to quickly respond to texts, answer emails or phone calls, and check social media, but this is one of the most dangerous driving habits, resulting in thousands of fatalities and life-altering injuries every year.

3.Speeding: This bad habit is another major cause of motor vehicle accidents every year. While going a bit over speed limit might not seem like a big deal, it can increase your chance of an accident and a speeding ticket. Take your time, plan ahead, and spare yourself the possibility of a terrible accident and the cost of a ticket.

4.Tailgating: Many drivers often follow the car in front of them too closely, but this can easily cause an accident, since such minimal space leaves little room to brake in time.

5.Not using turn signals: A turn signal is your way of telling another driver what your next move is. If another driver is not expecting you to move into their lane, or make a turn, this could result in a crash. It may not seem like it, but signaling prevents accidents.

6.Road rage: Driving can be stressful and people will often get angry, honk their horns, and shout obscenities. This is a terrible habit since driving while angry can lead to bad decisions and unsafe driving.

7.Using electronic devices: Cell phones are not the only devices distracting drivers on the road. Using a GPS navigation system, DVD player, or other electronic device is also an unsafe habit that may eventually cause an accident.

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