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  • What Are the Differences Between Commercial Truck Accidents & Car Accidents?

    Although every accident is unique, collisions involving commercial trucks are significantly different than those involving passenger vehicles. From driver liability to federal regulations, the differences between these two types of accidents can impact the kinds of claims that can be filed. In this blog, we explain some of the differences between commercial truck accidents and car accidents . ...
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  • Road Rage Liability

    Road rage is a major issue across the country and often lead to many types of accidents, some of which are severe and result in terrible injuries, or even death. If you were injured by another driver on the road who was acting aggressively and recklessly, ultimately causing an accident, you have a right to pursue compensation for your medical bills and any wage losses you might suffer as a result ...
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  • Pictures You Should Take After a Car Accident

    After being involved in an accident, it is crucial to remain calm during this traumatic and overwhelming time to ensure that you are able to adequately document the scene and support your future claims for compensation. The more evidence you are able to provide, the better your chances will be at succeeding and, as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Now that many, if not most of ...
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  • Things to Know When Talking to Insurance Adjusters

    After being involved in a motor vehicle accident, one of the first calls you will likely receive is from the at-fault party’s insurance provider. While it might seem like the adjuster is trying to be helpful to you during this difficult situation, it is important to remember that he or she is not your friend and is simply looking out for the insurance company’s best interests. An insurance ...
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  • How To Determine Who Has the Right-of-Way in an Accident

    After a car, truck or motorcycle accident, it can be difficult to objectively evaluate every aspect of the crash and discover who was at fault. However, determining who had the right of way during the incident is one of the easiest ways to begin evaluating the crash. Most car insurance policies are fault-based, so when you are seeking reimbursement from your insurance company, it’s important to ...
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  • Preparing Documents for Your Car Accident Claim

    Were you injured in a car wreck? Are you facing mounting medical bills and / or property damage expenses? If so, you’ll need to file a car accident for compensation. Below, we list the top tips you’ll need to know when preparing documents for your car accident claim in Louisiana. Tip #1: Obtain the contact information of any and all witnesses. Of primary concern in any claim or lawsuit brought on ...
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  • What Questions Should I Ask My Doctor After an Accident?

    If the injuries you sustained in an accident require the medical attention of a doctor / surgeon / etc., you’ll need to know more than just what the injuries are and how they were incurred. Understanding the short- and long-term ramifications can help you – and your attorney – better prepare any claim or lawsuit brought on your behalf. After an accident that caused you injury, make sure you ask ...
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  • Bad Driving Habits Can Increase Risk of Car Accidents

    We have all encountered reckless drivers on the road who engage in dangerous driving habits. Many these habits may not seem significant, but they can actually cause severe accidents that may result in devastating injuries, or even fatalities. While we cannot control the actions of others, we can control ourselves. You can make the road safer by choosing to break the following bad habits: 1. ...
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  • Are Social Hosts Liable for Drunk Driving Accidents in Louisiana?

    Third Party Liability for Drunk Driving Accidents in Louisiana If you suffered a serious injury after being involved in a car accident caused by an intoxicated driver in Louisiana, you might be thinking about pursuing monetary damages from an alcohol vendor or social host for providing alcohol to a drunk person who goes to cause a collision. However, Louisiana has not enacted such laws to hold ...
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  • How Are Car Accident Claims Settled?

    If you were involved in a car accident , you might be wondering about the proper way to proceed with settling a vehicle damage or injury claim against the negligent party. Although the other driver may have caused the collision, you typically will not be dealing with that party directly in the attempt to settle your claim for damages. What You Must First Do When it comes to recovering compensation ...
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  • Why You Should Have A Dash Camera

    Today’s world is full of chaos between cars commuting to and from work and the need to communicate through calls, emails and texts growing at an alarming rate. Add them all up and you have the potential for car wrecks. Sadly, some drivers are so distracted that they may not even know they entered your lane and hit you, which will cause them to deny fault. This is the reason you should have a dash ...
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  • What is a "Rush Release?"

    A “rush release” is when the insurance company learns that you have been the victim of an accident and they rush out to you to offer a small sum of money in exchange for you signing a release, which gives up your rights to pursue any further compensation. In many cases, however, injuries do not manifest until weeks or even months later. That means if you develop a serious problem from the accident ...
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  • How Seatbelts Can Cause Injuries

    There’s no doubt that the seatbelt is the most effective safety innovation in cars over the last 50 years. Unfortunately, they can cause injuries of their own. When a vehicle is hit in a crash, the seatbelt will often tighten over certain parts of the body, while other parts of the body will continue to accelerate and decelerate. This tension can cause shoulder, chest and abdominal injuries, some ...
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