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A multi-vehicle accident, also known as a pileup accident or chain-reaction collision, involves more than two motor vehicles. If you have suffered a serious injury from this kind of car accident, it can be extremely difficult to recover your full compensation because you will have to deal with multiple parties and each of their insurance adjusters. It is important to get experienced legal assistance from a qualified attorney to ensure that you are rewarded of your damages.

At Cossé Law Firm, our New Orleans car accident lawyer has recovered millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements on behalf of his clients. With more than 20 years of experience, Attorney Cossé can successfully help you navigate through the possible complications of your case and the legal system to obtain the outcome you desire and justice you deserve.

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Who is Responsible for a Multi-Vehicle Accident?

Whether it involves two vehicles or more, if a negligent party causes an accident that results in serious injury, he or she is liable to pay damages to the injured party. However, there are many cases where more than one party shares the blame for an accident.

Since Louisiana uses the “pure comparative negligence” rule, the amount of compensation is directly proportionate to the driver’s percentage of fault, which can make determining fault more complex. Fortunately, our New Orleans car accident lawyer can investigate the accident, collect evidence, and determine which parties were negligent when the crash occurred.

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