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Rollover crashes are the official term for auto accidents in which a car turns onto its side or its roof. The primary physical cause for rollover accidents is that sideways force is applied to a vehicle (usually tall one), causing it to lose traction on two of its tires and turn out of control.

Rollover accidents are, tragically, among the most fatal car accident types ever studied. Rollover accidents account for between a fifth and a third of vehicle fatalities overall, despite only making up 2% of accidents (NHTSA).

What Causes Rollover Accidents?

The nature and cause of the sideways force varies from accident to accident, but here’s how it normally happens: a driver will be traveling at a high speed when they make a sudden turn. The sharp angle of the turn and the weight and speed of the vehicle causes it to roll over while in motion, with its forward momentum carrying it into a full roll.

The NHTSA has found that most rollover accidents are single-vehicle accidents—however, that does not mean a rollover was the driver’s fault. Electronic stability systems are designed to stabilize against the sideways forces that cause rollovers, while tires are designed to grip the road and prevent separation. Additionally, highways should be maintained to prevent debris from “tripping” top-heavy vehicles.

Tire blowouts are a common reason for these sudden swerving maneuvers. Unless they’re trained stunt drivers, most car owners don’t know how to handle a sudden tire blowout at-speed. They often oversteer to make up for the lost tire, turn the wrong direction, and cause their car to roll out of control.

When automakers or municipal authorities fail to do their jobs well, it can cause a rollover accident. If negligence caused your accident, then you may be entitled to compensation for your medical care, your loss of wages, your pain and mental anguish, and more. The Cossé Law Firm LLC knows how to uncover the truth and find out who is really to blame for your crash.

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