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Case Results


  • 18-Wheeler Accident


    Client was struck by an 18-wheeler and became wedged to the rear of the 18 wheeler and dragged his pickup truck down the street. Client sustained injuries to his knee and back.

  • Car Accident


    Client was rear ended and exited his vehicle in order to exchange insurance information when the Defendant attempted to flee the scene in his vehicle and struck the client while on foot, throwing the client into the air and landing on concrete. As a result, client sustained injuries to his cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine as well as his right knee. He underwent surgery to his back, neck and knee.

  • Car Accident


    Client was struck on the rear right side of his vehicle causing it to spin out of control.

    He sustained multi-level neck and back disc injuries requiring surgery.

  • Car Accident


    Client was struck on the driver’s side of his vehicle by another vehicle which entered his lane. He underwent intervention pain management neck surgery.

  • Car Accident


    Husband and wife were struck by someone who failed to yield before turning across their lane of travel. Both underwent interventional pain management and received significant relief of their symptoms.

  • Car Accident


    Client was rear-ended and sustained herniations in his cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine.

  • Defective Tire Accident


    A defective tire blew out causing client's vehicle to flip multiple times.

  • DUI Accident


    Client was struck repeatedly by a driver under the influence of synthetic marijuana. She sustained multi-level injuries to her neck requiring two separate surgeries to properly repair the injuries which occurred as the result of this accident.

  • Head Injury


    Client was involved in a head-on collision. He sustained brain injury and injuries to his cervical and lumbar spine and was unconscious for over 30 minutes. His insurance company had forged his signature on his UM rejection form which was confirmed by an ex FBI handwriting analyst.

  • Motorcycle Accident


    Client was rear ended in excess of 90mph while driving a motorcycle. Client was hit with such force that he jettisoned 300 feet down the roadway. He suffered severe spinal injuries which required major invasive surgery.

  • School Bus Accident


    Client was struck by a school bus whose driver disregarded a stop sign. She sustained a torn rotator cuff, requiring surgery.