Why your seatbelt can injure you

There’s no doubt that seatbelts are the single-most effective means of saving your life in an accident. They keep you from being ejected from the car. However, their use can be responsible for a variety of injuries. Because they pin down parts of your body, the force from an accident can cause your body to twist at a high velocity, causing spinal and other injuries. If you have sustained injuries to a shoulder, the chest or the abdomen, you may have experienced a seatbelt injury. Product liability lawyer Chip Cossé has experience in identifying these types of injuries. Call him today to discuss how he can help you recover.

Why a tire “blow out” that can kill you is caused by a tire defect

Tires can fail due to a defect in its design or because of a bad manufacturing process. Things like faulty adhesives or bad parts can cause a tire’s tread to separate from its carcass. Often, the results are deadly, especially when a rear tire fails. The vehicle usually rolls over one or more times and causes catastrophic injuries or even death. Because the vehicle is often totaled, the evidence is usually destroyed before an experienced product liability attorney like Chip Cossé can secure possession of the vehicle and determine the cause of the accident. If you or someone you know has experienced serious injuries from a tire “blow out”, call Chip Cossé right away and keep possession of your vehicle.

Always go to the Emergency Room after a car accident

Whenever you are involved in a car accident, go to the Emergency Room the same day, if possible. Many injuries that are received in a car accident are muscular in nature. By going to the Emergency Room the same day, you can receive anti-inflammatory medication that can begin and often accelerate the healing process. Make sure you explain every symptom or pain that you are experiencing so that the doctor can properly diagnose you.

Why it’s so important to start physical therapy immediately after an accident

Most medical journals agree that if you’ve been in an accident, you should start physical therapy as soon as possible after the accident and go at least three times per week. Even though you may look fine on the outside, your muscle fibers have been injured. If they don’t repair correctly, you will be more likely to suffer worse injuries in the future. Also, it’s important to make sure that the physical therapist is knowledgeable in treating injuries from car accidents.

What is “No pay, no play”

Louisiana is unique because it penalizes someone that is injured by someone else if they don’t have liability insurance of their own. Put simply, if you don’t have the state-required minimum limits of liability coverage, you forfeit the first $15,000 of your bodily injury claim and property damage. There are some exceptions, however: if you are a passenger, are driving someone else’s car that doesn’t have coverage or are sitting in a parked car are a few examples. Just because you don’t have coverage, however, don’t assume that you cannot recover at all. If your injuries are worth more than $15,000, you can receive the value of your injuries that are worth over $15,000. If you’re not sure, call our product liability attorneys for more details.