You or someone you loved was injured in an accident with a big truck. Our New Orleans truck accident lawyers know that this happens all too often. Everything we touch comes to us by way of a truck at some point. A fully loaded truck is hard to stop and hard to handle. If a truck hits you or turns over on you, there is no doubt that there will be damage,

You may be surprised at the insurance representatives who reach out to you. They seem so concerned about your property and injuries. They may make you an offer to settle right away, so you can move on quickly.

They Seem To Be Nice And Fair

In actuality, several parties can be responsible for your accident and damages. Perhaps the truck was fitted with a part that failed? The company who sold that part may be liable. Maybe the truck driver had been on the road more hours than he or she was allowed to be. Maybe the people who loaded the truck put more weight on it than the truck could safely handle.

If you settle with the company, it is over. If you find out later that you have physical damage that may not heal, or if you have PTSD from the shock of the accident, you cannot go back and ask them to pay for these expenses. What if your injuries ultimately caused you to be unable to work in your chosen profession? Would that settlement cover the expenses required to live?

You Need An Attorney

An experienced attorney knows what is needed to win in court. Their first order of business is to gather that information. Your lawyer knows all the things that “could” happen and they prepare to seek results to cover you if these become your reality.

Your attorney then contacts the insurance company of the truck line or truck driver involved. He or she summarizes the proof they have in a way to let the insurance company know that if they are not willing to be fair, your lawyer has enough to win in court.

The attorneys on both sides have a job to do. Your truck accident attorney seeks to ensure you’re financially made whole from immediate and future damages and injuries. Your lawyer wants to be sure that you will be able to live in the lifestyle you are accustomed to.

The attorney on the other side of the negotiation table wants to pay as little as possible. They are not concerned with you or your situation. An insurance company collects premiums every month from drivers. If the driver has no accidents, they simply get to keep the money. If the driver does have a wreck, they have to cover the expenses. That is how insurance works. So, every dollar they pay you comes right off their profits.

Both attorneys know it is best if they can come to an agreement. It cost time and money to go to court. When they do end up in court, they argue their case to a judge, and the judge decides who is right. It is a 50/50 chance at best. So, both parties want to come to a settlement.

If you have been in an accident with a truck. Do not take the first offer that is pitched your way. Call our truck accident attorneys and let them do what they do best. They can fight to ensure you get what you are due.