Most of us equate dashcams with emergency vehicles. We’ve seen some impressive things happen because a dash cam was at the right place at the right time. Who can forget the doe hurdling a passing vehicle with grace and accuracy? Or the endless debates that so-called ghosts cause among friends? Along with the good things – and the creepy things – the reality is the world just more chaotic these days. We spend more time on the road than what we’d like, less time with family than we plan and entirely too much time zoning out on social media videos than we care to admit. These dynamics can mean more accidents on the nation’s roadways. Unfortunately, some folks are more “zoned out” than others, and their distractions can create big problems on many fronts.

This reason alone is justification enough for a dash camera, or dash cam. These days, you can purchase them for less than $50 and they’re easy to install. A small investment, ten minutes spent with setting it up and you now have a witness to everything that unfolds in front of you. The best justification for these technological marvels is that they can provide proof that you aren’t responsible for an accident. They can be the truth-teller when stories don’t seem to match.

We recently had a client who took our advice, purchased, and installed a dash cam. It proved to be an important investment almost immediately. The client’s car was side-swiped and because of the dash cam, we were able to prove it, beyond any doubt, despite the insurance company’s efforts to deny the claim. We sent the video footage to the insurance company and they accepted liability (fault), which resulted in our client receiving a substantial settlement. For an investment of less than $100, our client was able to avoid the time, cost and anxiety of going to trial.

Other interesting cases that have been solved, courtesy of a dash cam include:

  • An assault case between a married couple, both of whom insisted the other started the fight (which, to law enforcement was irrelevant, but did benefit the divorce attorneys later).
  • A burglary suspect was able to prove she had nothing to do with the robbery once the dash cam footage revealed the true criminal.
  • A small business owner was able to determine who was stealing from him after hours.
  • And, while this won’t make news, one family was able to discern, through the dash cam in their car, how their family pet was aiding the other neighborhood pets one summer by nudging the gate open, allowing them access to the family pool when they thought everyone was at work or school.

If you’ve been involved in an accident without the benefit of a dashcam, give our truck accident lawyers a call today. We can discuss your options and provide our recommendations that will help you put the unfortunate event behind you in a way that doesn’t include wiping out your bank account.  Our New Orleans truck accident attorneys at Cossé Law Firm, LLC stand ready to help. Give us a call today at 504-588-9500.