When you have suffered a spinal injury, you will be in pain. The amount of pain you are in, depends on the degree of the injury. The spine is a very important part of your body, and the injury could press on nerves that could make you back, legs, neck, and shoulders hurt. It can also cause severe headaches. This is something our New Orleans spinal cord law firm knows well.

There are many ways your spine can be injured, and you need to consult a team of medical professionals to understand what must be done to reverse the problem. When selecting medical professionals for help, do not forget to add the chiropractor to the list of people who can help.

What Is A Chiropractor?

A Chiropractor is a highly trained, medical doctor who specializes in correcting disorders regarding the neuromuscular system and the nervous system of the body. When a person suffers pain because something is not correctly positioned in the body, a chiropractor can use non-invasive techniques that can correct the problem.

One example is the neck. Perhaps a person has been in a car accident and is experiencing neck pain. A chiropractor will take necessary tests to see what is going on. If he or she finds that the jolt from the impact has left your neck dispositioned, he or she will use techniques to manually adjust your neck. Once the bones are back in line, blood flow is restored, and that reduces pain and swelling.

Working With Traditional Doctors

There are injuries that must be treated by a traditional doctor before you begin working with a chiropractor. If there are broken bones, soft tissue tears, or internal bleeding, surgery may be needed. Immediately following the accident that caused the trauma, an emergency room visit is required. If surgery is needed, that will be taken care of by a surgeon.

Often a person cannot sit correctly or walk correctly due to the pain and the time needed for the body to heal after surgery. When the patient is ready for physical therapy, he or she should add a chiropractor to the mix. The chiropractor works with the body and helps align the spine to induce healing. Physical therapy will help strengthen the body at the injury site, but it is wise to do your strength training with a body that is structurally correct to speed healing and relieve pain.

Will You Ever Fully Recover?

People who have suffered trauma to the spine always ask our spinal cord injury attorneys this question. The answer is not that easy. Of course, it depends on the severity of the injury. Most people recover enough to live a full life. However, most people will have problems with their back for the rest of their lives. They may not be able to lift as much as they once could. They may feel pain if they extend themselves. But with proper treatment and regular adjustments, they can be mostly pain-free.

If you suffer from back pain, neck pain, headaches, and nerve pain, make an appointment with a chiropractor. It is well worth your time to see the science behind this non-invasive treatment.

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