New Orleans, LA is known for a lot of things. Not the least of these things is the spicy Cajun cuisine, that is served nowhere else. The recipes that are served in this southern city have been handed down for over 100 years. While you might try a New Orleans style dish elsewhere, it is almost guaranteed it is not going to be authentic unless a true New Orleans chef is preparing it. Let us show you some of our favorite restaurants.

Hold on to your taste buds, because authentic Creole food will blow your mind.

Commanders Palace

Travel to the center of the garden district in New Orleans and walk back in time. This historical restaurant has been gracing the city since 1880. The Creole food you will taste here comes from generations of coveted recipes.

Enjoy an elegant Jazz brunch, under beautiful chandeliers in a perfectly designed dining room. Call for reservations and plan at least four days in advance. Dining at the Commander’s Palace is not just a meal. It is an experience.

Meals From The Heart Cafe

This is one of New Orleans main attractions. No visit to the city is complete without it. You will find this place in the French Quarter’s Farmers Market…and be ready for a feast. Their signature dish is Crab Cake Passion, made exclusively with Louisiana Blue Crab.

They also make a mean gumbo and they even offer a vegetarian gumbo dish. They offer several vegetarian and gluten-free dishes, and the entire menu is incredible. Nothing is served at this cafe that is not perfectly prepared, authentic, and freshly made.

The Ruby Slipper

Doesn’t matter if it’s breakfast, lunch, brunch, or dinner, if you’re in New Orleans, you will want to stop by The Ruby Slipper. They are famous for their New Orleans flare dishes like their signature omelets, catfish and grits, shrimp and even Tex-Mex meals. There’s a little of everything with The Trifecta. That is, one serving each of Eggs Cochon, Chicken St. Charles,& Shrimp Boogaloo Benedicts.

The atmosphere is casual and they even offer some delicious cocktails, including award-winning Bloody Mary’s. Try a Ruby Slipper, which is a generous glass of wine mixed with orange juice and pomegranate. There are several variations of this signature cocktail, so let them know your preference.

House of Blues – New Orleans

Okay, the food here is American style but with a southern, New Orleans flare. Dishes such as po’ boys & jambalaya are served. The live music is electrifying and the atmosphere spills over into these famous dishes. Long story short, House of Blues is a New Orleans tradition.

You don’t need to make reservations, but you might want to check out their websitefor special bands and events. They change things up often, so don’t miss out. This rock and blues restaurant is known for entertainment and great food while putting on a show, so you don’t want to miss it.

This is a tiny sampling of the great places and foods to experience while you are in The Big Easy. Again, New Orleans is like no other place on Earth.