New Orleans is nothing, if not interesting. The world of The Big Easy is a cultural melting pot that brings together ancient arts, historical battles, voodoo, and modern society. You will find it easy to locate traditional museums, but, you will also find the macabre and strange in this modern-day city.

The National WWII Museum

In the Central Business District of New Orleans, you will find this wonderful military history museum. This place has a massive collection of history that changed the world. You will experience personal accounts recorded in first-person that describe the details of the war. Also, enjoy large exhibits and historical artifacts from the war.

The museum is a multimedia experience and you will take virtual field trips and view educational programs and conferences. These will give you an in-depth account of this major event in history.

New Orleans Museum of Art

Here you will find the oldest collection of fine arts in the state. This museum is located in a beautiful and well-maintained city park, which really adds to the experience.

The museum first opened in 1911, and it did sustain serious damage in Hurricane Katrina, but due to the positioning of the museum, it was not destroyed.

This collection of French and American art is more than 40,000 pieces strong. The museum also includes photography, African and Japanese works of art, and fine glass pieces.

Musee Conti Wax Museum

We promised you strange, so you know we must include a wax museum. However, this museum does not have likenesses of celebrities. Instead, the wax figures in this collection show a strangely up-close experience of how New Orleans came to be. This includes scenes from the Battle of New Orleans.

The Presbytere Museum

To understand the architecture that created the vibrant city you see today, visit The Presbytere Museum. The building was built in 1791 to match the famous Saint Louis Cathedral. It was originally the home of Capuchin monks and it changed purposes many times in history but became part of the museum society in 1911.

Inside you will find permanent exhibits that show, in thrilling detail, the history of the state of Louisiana.

The Museum of Death

In the center of the French Quarter stands an eerie and odd museum that only the brave will venture into. The museum appeals to those with a love of the darker side of life. The collection includes antique tools of the mortician industry, skulls, crime scene photographs, and coffins. The exhibits are disturbingly graphic, and you are cautioned not to go if you have a weak stomach.

Museum of Voodoo

New Orleans was the home of voodoo practitioner, Marie Laveau and the late Voodoo Priest John T. Martin, who was often seen with his albino python wrapped around his neck. So, you would not be surprised to know that there is a museum that features the works of the ancient art of Voodoo.

There are places in New Orleans, LA where you can buy spells and potions. In fact, you can actually visit Marie Laveau’s former home where they sell such charms. To get the full picture of the religion of Voodoo, you must visit the museum.