A visit to the city of New Orleans will show you the influence of the Spanish, French, African, and Italian people who had a hand in carving out this great city. In a territory that was harsh and challenging, some of our country’s most honored historycan be found in the parks of New Orleans.

Audubon Park, New Orleans

This 350-acre city park is in uptown New Orleans. If you have ever visited Louisiana in the summer, you know the importance of an oasis. For more than 100 years, people have used this park for gatherings, picnics, and parties. There are beautiful oak trees for shade and a lagoon. There are plenty of picnic shelters and playgrounds for the kids. If you want to get some exercise, enjoy a walking/jogging trail that is nearly 2 miles long.

Lafayette Square

This historic square was designed in 1788 by Charles Laveau Trudeau. Trudeau was Surveyor General of Louisiana when it was under the Spanish government. Later, Trudeau became acting Mayor of New Orleans in 1812.

Today, this square is used for civic events, and inaugurations. It is a favorite site for watching the parades and has been used in filming. This is also a popular venue for southern-style weddings with all their finery.

Louis Armstrong Park

It would be hard to speak of New Orleans and not include the great jazz musician Louis Armstrong. A few steps from the famous French Quarter is this 32-acre public park. You will know it by the iconic arched entrance.

Inside this park, you will find lots of room to relax and enjoy the sites of New Orleans. The park has several duck ponds and beautiful sculptures.

Another part of history can be seen in this park. For example, visit Vongo Square. This was a meeting place for slaves and free black people in the 1800s. Throughout the 19th century, this was the gathering place for festivals, meetings, and markets. Here you could experience the African culture through dance and music. This meeting place served as a way to share and preserve the history of this group of people.

New Orleans City Park

New Orleans City Park is the 87th largest park in the United States. It is a 1,300-acre public park that is one of the most visited parks in the nation.

There is something for everyone in this park and it is historical. It features many sports fields, tennis courts, and an 18-hole golf course. There are exhibits and works of art, sculptures, and playgrounds. This park is a favorite, so go to their website to see what is happening in the park.

Jackson Square

In 1803, the state of Louisiana was made part of the United States territory before the Louisiana Purchase.Jackson Square is where that took place. It is 3-acres big, was built in 1721in the French Quarter in New Orleans and was named a National Historic Landmark in 1960. This is one of America’s great public spaces.