There are millions of people driving on the roads every day. Sooner or later, you are going to be in an accident. When that time comes, you need to understand what is required of you and how a car accident lawyer can help.

Just A Bump

Maybe you are stopped at a red light or in a line of traffic, and the vehicle behind you bumps into your car. You don’t see much damage, maybe a few scratches, and you are not bleeding, so should you just shrug it off? The answer is no.

Modern automobiles have safety features built in to protect the humans inside the vehicle. Those safety features are not always visible. For example, some sedans have a set of shock absorption devices that extend to the underside of the bumper. When the car behind you hits your car, the shock absorbers do what they are supposed to do. They take the jolt and stops it before it crashes into the rear end and other parts of the car. When your mechanic puts your car on the rack, he or she can see that the shock absorbers are sprung. This means, if your car is hit again, there is nothing to keep it from the impact from doing serious damage. What you thought was a $100 scratch repair is now a $1000 car repair.

Our bodies often operate the same way. The soft tissue in your spine keeps you from feeling an injury to your back, and neck. But in the following days, and weeks, swelling begins and you experience pain. You thought you were not injured, but a CAT scan says otherwise. This can turn into thousands of dollars in medical costs.

The Law

In the state of Louisiana, the law is specific about preparing documents. It says that a person must immediately give notice to the police if an accident results in injury, death, or property damage of over $500.

Further, you are required to file a report within 24 hours to the Department of Public Safety, especially if an accident caused injury, death, or property damage over $100.


The law requires all drivers in the state of Louisiana to carry liability insurance with sufficient coverage to protect someone you have injured. Louisiana is an at-fault state. This means the person who is found to be responsible for the accident must pay for all expenses incurred. The at-fault driver’s insurance company will need statements from you. What you put on these documents can determine what and how much they will pay for damages.

Speak To An Attorney

It is best to seek the help of a qualified car accident lawyer to help you prepare the documents that are required. This protects you and your rights. It also ensures that you do everything the law requires of you.

If the person who was at fault tries to alter the facts in their favor, it is important to have the documents that the police filled out and any witness statements. Be sure you keep a copy of everything regarding the accident. It is wise to seek the advice of an attorney at the earliest time possible. Report the accident to the police, seek medical attention, and call your car accident attorney.