Many people have heard of personal injury cases and that they often are settled before they end up in a courtroom. While that happens in many cases, it’s not always a sure thing. Keep reading as we explore the dynamics associated with personal injury lawsuits and what to expect should you ever file a claim.

The reality is that any legal issue can easily transition from a seemingly simple resolution to a complicated and time-consuming legal process. No two cases are the same and the circumstances always play a role in how these claims unfold. That’s not a bad thing, though. The legal process is designed to ensure everyone has an opportunity to present the unique facts of their case. The right personal injury lawyer will work tirelessly to see this through. So, while you may be hoping to settle your case quickly, just know that it might be a bit more time-consuming than you had anticipated.

Generally, there is a process that unfolds as a personal injury case moves through the Louisiana court system. Again, it’s important to understand that no two cases are the same.

Naturally, the first step is to select a reputable New Orleans personal injury attorney. At Cossé Law Firm, our team has many years of experience in this specific legal sector and know the intricate laws. The first thing you’ll be asked is when the accident happened and the details as you know them. Understand that these cases have time limits attached. This means you have to file your claim within a specific timeframe set out by the laws of the state.

Once the facts have been gathered and all of the necessary documentation secured, your product liability lawyer will file the complaint on your behalf. It will include information regarding both sides and other facts needed for the court.

During the discovery process, your lawyer will present the court with evidence and witness information, a vital part of the process. This typically, but not always, includes depositions of both sides. One attorney may file a motion to dismiss, a motion for summary judgment, or a motion for default judgment.

If your case isn’t going to make it to trial, this is the step where your case will settle.

If, however, your case is sent to trial, a judge or jury will decide whether or not the defendant is liable for the plaintiff’s injuries. Once the decision is made, either side may appeal if unhappy with the final decision.

Cossé Law Firm prioritizes its clients’ best interests above all else. No matter the complexities or challenges of your case, we work hard to ensure your rights are protected. We know it can feel like an overwhelming process, but we work to ensure it unfolds as smoothly as possible and we maintain close contact with our clients so that they know at what stage we’re at every step of the way. We invite you to contact our offices today to discuss the merits of your case. Give our product liability lawyers a call at 504-588-9500.