There are times in life when events can create big changes and affect every decision we make moving forward. When the event is an accident, it can really change one’s quality of life, their ability to earn an income and certainly their health. A personal injury lawyer can play a big role in righting the wrongs. Here are a few of the common concerns potential clients have as they prepare to meet with their attorney following an accident.

When you are injured in an accident, how does a lawyer secure a win for their client?

In terms of liability, there is the question of fault; who is liable for the accident? A personal injury attorney must provide evidence that negligence or recklessness exists on the part of the other party.Often, the police report provides the type of information needed to prove this in court. If, however, the report is unclear, other evidence that’s available could be used to prove fault. This might include any video evidence, depositions, reports from any witnesses or photographs. Medical records might, to some degree, provide evidence as well.

What are Damages?

Damages focus on what happens after the accident and the degree in which the injuries affect daily living. Any medical documentation that shows this and treatment since the accident are important as is the level of pain and suffering a client is experiencing. What is the quality of life? How has it changed since the accident? Can the client work? Questions like these play a role in this area of a personal injury claim.

What is Causation?

Insurance companies will only compensate you for how the accident “caused” (known as causation) the damages. If your back was injured due to the accident, though you have a history of back pain from previous trauma, you might only be compensated for how the accident “caused” your back pain to worsen or otherwise change.

Why Experience Matters

These can be difficult elements to prove in court, which is why an experienced personal injury attorney is the best first call to make after an accident. Our team of New Orleans injury lawyers has represented clients throughout the state and with more than 20 years of experience, we know the intricacies of Louisiana law. We consistently recover millions of dollars for our clients and will continue to work to best serve their needs following an accident. Our goal is simple: ensure a client has access to the best medical and legal guidance so that they can begin what is sometimes a long recovery following an accident, and ultimately, re-establish their quality of life. You’re not alone and there’s no reason for you to not secure legal representation, especially as the insurance companies will begin their efforts to minimize their own losses.

We invite you to contact a personal injury attorney at Cossé Law Firm today to schedule your free consultation. We’ll discuss the details of your case and then explore what options might be available to you and your family.