Any trauma that results in a jarring acceleration or deceleration of the brain within the skull can ultimately lead to brain dysfunction consistent with traumatic brain injury (TBI). Our brain injury attorneys in New Orleans know that this can happen when there has been a blow to the head, such as a fall where the head takes a hard blow with the ground, gunshot wounds or explosions.

The medications given to patients with TBI, coupled with the body’s own endorphins, work to “trick” the brain into not feeling pain, which is often significant. While this is, of course, the goal of medication, overuse of it can cause atrophy in a specific part of the brain responsible for memory, learning and emotions. In the most drastic cases, it can be catastrophic for the victim, their family and the options they have for the long-term care that might be needed.

As you might expect, this can greatly affect one’s responses and personality. It can be confusing for the injured person who cannot understand why their personality has changed so much and so fast and it can be confusing for family members who often report they no longer know who their loved one is. The pain plays a big role, but it’s not the only thing that’s at play.

It’s believed that around 1.5 million Americans experience some degree of TBI each year and these types of injuries cost a collective annual $86 billion. Fortunately, for more than three-quarters of patients with these types of primary and secondary injuries, it’s mild and resolves itself quickly. It’s the ones who have no relief from the pain and who suffer what’s known as “persistent debilitation and pain” who find themselves trapped in an unfamiliar new reality with what feels like no way out. There are other options, however – not only on the medical front, but with the financial and legal options as well.

There are avenues an injured person can consider when dealing with these types of brain injuries. It’s important to choose an attorney who is familiar with the intricacies of TBI from a legal perspective and who is current with the latest medical breakthroughs and how they might affect one’s legal and financial options.  A knowledgeable and compassionate New Orleans brain injury lawyer can make a big difference in what options an injured person has when it comes to their care, treatments or medications. While most brain injuries heal themselves with time, those that result in permanent damage affect far more than a patient’s quality of life and the lives of his family.

While a brain injury lawyer cannot fix everything, they can smooth the path forward. We invite you to contact Cossé Law Firm today to schedule a confidential and complimentary meeting with our brain injury attorneys. Together, we can discuss your options and find the best solution. We have had great success in helping clients through the overwhelming aftermath of head trauma, TBI, and other brain injuries. We have recovered millions of dollars for past clients; let us handle the stress of litigation so that you can focus on recovery.