When a person suffers a brain injury, we expect there to be physical problems. Whether the injury is from an illness, (like a stroke) or an accident, (like a car crash), once the brain has sustained an injury, everything about the brain is altered. This is where a New Orleans brain injury lawyer can help.

The brain is the control system of our mental and physical abilities. When the brain is injured, it often causes physical problems. This could include lack of control of the body, the inability to walk, talk, or see properly, and a host of other problems.

Brain injury can also damage the parts of the brain that allow us to express emotion. It is common when someone has brain trauma that they may laugh or cry uncontrollably. They may go into fits of anger or suffer from depression. These emotional issues are real, and the person has no control over them. They cannot explain them and they have nothing making them happy, sad, or depressed. Yet, they exhibit all of the symptoms.

PBA (Pseudobulbar Affect)

You may have never heard of PBA. PBA causes sudden and uncontrollable emotional outbursts. This is a disease that affects about two million people in the United States. If the person has a neurological disease or has suffered trauma to the brain, they can develop PBA.

Another symptom of this disorder is exaggerated emotions. Perhaps they see a touching scene in a movie that may bring a tear to your eye. They could burst into tears and cry for a very long time, long after a normal person would have gotten past it. The same is true with laughter. A joke or funny remark can send them into fits of laughter that are extreme and long-lasting.

The person with PBA may feel emotions that do not fit the situation. They may laugh at a funeral or become angry for no reason at all.

Anyone who has suffered brain injury or illness that affected the brain can develop PBA. It doesn’t matter how young or old they are, their gender, or their race. It affects every group of people.

Every person with depression will not have PBA, and every person with PBA will not have depression. Only a person with a neurological disease or has suffered brain trauma can have PBA, and while it can come with depression, one can have depression without having PBA.

According to our brain injury lawyers, both of these illnesses are treatable, and they can often be managed with medication and behavior control exercises, but there is no cure for them.

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

TBI occurs when a person has a traumatic injury to the brain. This can be physical and/or emotional. The most common problems associated with TBI are physical. This includes the loss of the use of your body. A TBI victim may be unable to care for them self. This can happen through having a stroke which damages the brain, or it can be from a blow to the head. In children and elderly people, TBI is often associated with falls. Automobile accidents, industrial accidents, and other situations that cause the victim to be struck on the head can cause TBI.

The survival of the victim, or the amount of recovery they can hope for, depends on the severity of the injury. While some treatment is available, sometimes the damage is not repairable.

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