No one denies the influence of social media in our contemporary society, but when people learn just how much it can affect our daily lives, they’re often surprised. Think about the types of things we see on social media every day: articles from insurance companies, political goings-on, marriages and divorces, lost pets, the passing of a friend’s loved one. These are all events that happen every day and in every life, but in the past decade, they’ve increasingly unfolded on social media in real time. That’s quite significant if you think about it. It stands to reason, then, that even the areas of our life we keep private may not be as private as we’d hope – which is exactly what an insurance company investigator is hoping to uncover.

Take, for instance, a personal injury case pending on your behalf. Insurance companies will resort to any tactic to reduce or eliminate the value of a client’s claim. It’s no secret the most successful tools in their toolbox is to impugn the character of a client. They often claim dishonesty or use the tried and true character assassination. It makes sense, then, that they would turn to social media to assist in their unscrupulous efforts.

What you post on your social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it can and will be used against you. If something about your post conveys that you are well and not legitimately injured, you should know they can use that information and present it as evidence in the case. You want to be sure the insurance company has no reason to doubt you or your claim.

Often, an accident victim may not feel any pain until days later. This means a post you make the day after an accident that suggests you’re in tip-top shape might be used months from now as “proof” that you weren’t injured. Just because you’re not friends with someone or they’re not following you doesn’t mean they can adequately document your images, posts and other details you share with friends and family.

The old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words comes to mind. Think of the pictures we all post on Facebook, sometimes on a daily basis. How would an investigator for an insurance company see that image? Would it be copied, with the date and time stamp, and sent the insurance company as part of its evidence to benefit its efforts? Be sure your account is set to private and then be careful what you post. An innocent post can create untold problems and could come back to haunt you. Remember: assume nothing.

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