I want to talk to you about cases that I’ve had in the past that were the most problematic type to prove and where there is often some confusion, with people’s stories changing and things like that. 

Lane Change Cases

Today we’re going to talk about lane change cases. And what I mean by that is this… Let’s say two cars are going down the road, and one car comes over and runs into the other car. 

Well, police reports can be written and the cops can come out to the scene, but after the fact, everybody always changes their story, especially the one at fault. Because they’ll say, “Oh, no, I didn’t come over on you. You came over on me.”

The Insurance Company’s Reaction

And so it creates a problem with the insurance company because they’re saying, “Well, look, we don’t really know that our insured had all the fault. So we’re going to consider this a 50% fault accident.” 

Of course, that can be devastating to you because let’s say you don’t have comprehensive coverage or collision coverage, and the insurance company is going to only want to pay you for 50% of your damage. 

And if you weren’t at fault, that seems inherently unfair because your car’s not going to be fixed properly, or you’re going to have to pay out of pocket to make sure that it is.

So What Is The Key To Proving A Lane Change Case? 

Let’s assume you were in the right-hand lane and the person from the left-hand lane came over on you. After you told the police officer your version of the accident, it’s very important to take pictures with your cell phone of any debris that’s on the roadway.

How Taking Pictures Can Help

Because of where the accident took place, any debris that came off of the cars would have dropped in that lane. So, if you had a personal left-hand lane and they came over on you and the debris is in the right-hand lane, it is a sure-shot way of proving that they came over on you as opposed to you going over on them. 

Conversely, if the debris is in the left lane, then you may just have to realize that you made a mistake. 

I hope this helps you. If you have any questions about that, please email me at [email protected]l.com.