As we’re rapidly approaching hurricane season, I want to talk about your flood or your homeowner’s insurance. Specifically, I want to address some protections that I recommend to everyone based on my experience with handling these kinds of cases after Hurricane Katrina. 

One Of The Biggest Problems

I’d like to address one of the biggest problems that we have had. This affected me personally. When I went into my home, I had about eight feet of water in my family home. And I didn’t really care about the contents. None of that mattered to me. 

What killed me was losing the videos of my children being born. So I would suggest that you look at the items that are the most sentimental to you, and find a way to back those up on a non-floodable type media.

How To Protect Your Valuable Media

So, for example, if you have tape-type video of your children, have it put on CDs or DVDs, burn it onto a hard drive, and make that a portable hard drive. 

We now make a bucket or a bin for our evacuation. It’s called our Evacuation Bucket. It contains copies of all our most recent insurance policies, backed up hard drives of children’s photos, and other sentimental items. 

Another Big Problem

Another big problem I saw after Hurricane Katrina was that people had no clue as to what their contents were and what they paid for them. They may not even remember where they got them.

What You Should Do

So we recommend that once a year, before hurricane season, you walk around your house with your cell phone, and just video everything and just narrate to it and just say, “This sofa, we got it here, we paid this much.” “That couch or that chair, we got it here with this fine art,” and so on. 

And then what you do is you email it to yourself, so that if you lose your cell phone, and it’s not backed up properly, there is another copy of it somewhere that you can get to. This will go a long way towards you not being so emotionally upset about what happened because you have those things documented. 

It also makes the claims process easier because you can send that video to the adjuster, whether it’s the homeowners or the flood adjuster. And they can see what your home looked like before the devastation.

I sure hope this video helps you. Stay safe out there and have a safe hurricane season.