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Despite helmets, jackets and other protective gear, any kind of collision with a car, SUV or truck will result in devastating consequences for motorcyclists. Out of all of the motorists who occupy the roads and highways of Louisiana, motorcyclists are the most susceptible to severe and fatal injuries.

Motorists have an obligation to be alert and vigilant of other vehicles and practice safe driving techniques at all times. However, the majority of motorcycle accidents are caused by drivers of motor vehicles.

More than half of motorcycle accident fatalities are the result of head-on collisions. When a motor vehicle strikes a motorcycle from the front, it, unfortunately, results in death most of the time. Another common type of accident occurs when car drivers make left-hand turns and when motorcyclists drive between two lanes during traffic, which is known as lane-splitting.

Out of all of the motorists who occupy the roads and highways of Louisiana, motorcyclists are the most susceptible to severe and fatal injuries.

Motorcyclists typically suffer very serious injuries when they collide with another vehicle on the road. Motorcyclists who are jerked back and forth or thrown off of their bikes onto the pavement are at a great risk of suffering traumatic brain injuries—even if they are wearing a helmet. Spinal cord injuries often occur in these accidents as well.

Road rash is another common motorcycle accident injury. Many people think that road rash is just a term used to describe minor cuts and bruises that motorcyclists get when they skid against the pavement, but that’s not the case. Road rash can be serious, and if it’s not treated properly, it can lead to dangerous infections and permanent nerve damage.

Broken and fractured bones are also frequently sustained in motorcycle accidents. These injuries can occur when the motorcyclist hits the pavement or when the bike falls on top of him, pinning him to the ground. If a limb is completely crushed underneath the bike, it may even need to be amputated.

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