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I was born and raised in Louisiana. My roots here are deep. So is my commitment to the unique people who share our love of life—the family members, friends and coworkers who work hard to take care of our community.

So, when someone from our community is injured in a wreck, we take it personally. That means taking on the insurance companies, whose only goal is to make more money by minimizing your injury.

We go to battle every day for the people of Louisiana, fighting hard for the settlement you deserve. We’re Cossé Law Firm. When winning matters, count on Cossé.


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Founder & CEO

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A rear-end collision resulted in several orthopedic injuries and a traumatic brain injury for our client. Despite facing challenges from pre-existing back injuries, we fought tirelessly on their behalf and successfully presented expert medical testimony to prove the extent of their new injuries and help them obtain the justice and compensation they deserved.



Our client’s life was turned upside down when he was rear-ended at a complete stop by another driver going 52 mph. He suffered a traumatic brain injury, which required treatment at a brain injury center in Arkansas for over six months, as well as a back injury that required surgery. After a long fight, justice was served and the case settled at trial.



The aftermath of a severe car accident that left our client with a traumatic brain injury, orthopedic injuries, and severe property damage was devastating. Our team provided the support and guidance they needed to navigate the complex legal process and obtain the compensation they deserved to help them move forward from this life-changing event.