We look out for Louisiana motorcyclists.

Out of all the motorists on the roads and highways, motorcyclists are the most susceptible to severe and fatal injuries. Broken and fractured bones often occur during the moment of impact with another motor vehicle, when the motorcyclist hits the pavement or when a bike falls on top of them.

More seriously, brain and spinal cord injuries can occur when motorcyclists are thrown from their bikes onto the pavement—even if they are wearing a helmet and other protective gear. More than half of all motorcycle accidents are head-on collisions, and most of these result in the death of the motorcyclist.

Other possible outcomes include spinal cord injuries and amputations, as well as road rash, which is more than minor cuts, scrapes, and bruises motorcyclists experience when they skid on pavement. Road rash can be serious, and if it’s not treated properly, it can lead to dangerous infections and permanent nerve damage. If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, contact us today to discuss your legal options with an experienced personal injury attorney.

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