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Motorcycle Accident

Broken bones, spinal cord injuries, severe road rash and burn injuries, and paralysis are just some of the consequences that can happen when a negligent driver crashes a car, bus, or truck into a motorcycle. In this case, our client was rear-ended in excess of 90 MPH while on a motorcycle. He was hit with such force that he was jettisoned another 300 feet down the road. Our client suffered severe spinal injuries which required major invasive surgery.


Car Accident

In this case, our client was rear-ended. Then when he exited his vehicle in order to exchange insurance information, the defendant attempted to flee the scene in his own vehicle, and struck our client - tossing him in the air. Our client landed on concrete and sustained injuries to the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar regions of his spine as well as his right knee. Our client had to undergo surgeries to his back, neck, and knee.


Car Accident

Distracted driving can include anything from cell phone use, eating, drinking (anything), reading (especially maps), personal grooming, watching a video, using a GPS device, or adjusting a radio or music system. Despite all of the laws and safety measures, thousands are severely injured every year by distracted drivers. In this case, our client was struck on the driver's side of his vehicle which entered his lane. He underwent intervention pain management and neck surgery.


DUI Accident

DUI or DWI is the most serious threat to the safety of motorists, their passengers, and pedestrians. DWI/DUI is not only a crime, but in most cases the injured victims of intoxicated drivers are entitled by law to compensation for their medical treatment and other injury-related expenses. In this case, our client was struck repeatedly by a driver who was under the influence of synthetic marijuana. She sustained multi-level injuries to her neck, which required her to undergo two separate surgeries.


18-Wheeler Accident

Catastrophic injuries, permanent disability, and wrongful death are far too often the consequences of large truck accidents. The most frequently sustained severe injuries in truck accidents include chest bruises, spinal cord injuries, bone fractures, soft tissue injuries, and traumatic brain injuries. Our client in this case was struck by a commercial 10-wheeler. His pickup truck became wedged to the rear of the 18-wheeler, which dragged the pickup down the road. Our client sustained serious injuries to his knee and back.


Defective Tire Accident

When a tire is defectively produced, and the defect causes a personal injury, the consumer then has legal grounds for pursuing a liability claim against the manufacturer. But properly-produced tires can blow out just as easily as defective tires. Sharp objects, vandalism, and the wrong air pressure are the causes of a significant number of tire blowouts. In this case, a defective tire blew out, causing our client's vehicle to flip over multiple times.


Car Accident

An automobile accident can happen to anyone. In a split second it can change your life forever. Following a car accident, many of our clients face serious, long-term injuries, overwhelming medical expenses, and other related and difficult personal challenges. In this case, our client's vehicle was struck on its rear right side, which caused the vehicle to spin out of control. Our client sustained multi-level neck and back disc injuries, which required extensive surgery.


Head Injury

In this case, our client was involved in a head-on collision with an uninsured driver. He sustained a traumatic brain injury, and injuries to the cervical and lumbar regions of his spine. He was unconscious for more than thirty minutes. Our client's auto insurance company claimed that he rejected uninsured motorist (UM) coverage. A former handwriting analyst for the FBI was able to confirm that the insurance company forged his signature on the UM rejection form.


Car Accident

If you are injured by a negligent driver in the state of Louisiana, you are entitled to complete reimbursement for all of your medical bills and lost wages arising from the accident. In this case, our clients - a husband and wife - were struck by a motorist who failed to yield before turning in front of their traffic lane. Both of our clients underwent interventional pain management, and they subsequently received significant relief of their symptoms.


School Bus


All things considered, a school bus is an outstandingly safe vehicle. But if you are driving and your vehicle is hit by something as large as a school bus, it is just like being hit by a large truck - an extremely dangerous situation. While fatalities in school bus accidents are rare, serious injuries are common. In this case, our client was struck by a school bus whose driver disregarded a stop sign. Our client sustained a torn rotator cuff and required extensive surgery.

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