Brian Castanza

Chief Financial Officer

Brian Castanza is a highly accomplished CFO with a proven track record of partnering with CEOs and executives to drive business growth and increase wealth.


Brian Castanza is a results-driven Chief Financial Officer (CFO) renowned for his ability to drive business growth and enhance wealth for companies. With a Bachelor’s degree in accounting from a distinguished institution in the state’s premier accounting school and bolstered by his CPA credential, Brian aspires to merge his innate business acumen with a solid grounding in small business management. Over the course of the last two decades, he has collaborated with CEOs and executives in multimillion-dollar enterprises, cultivating enduring relationships, engendering trust, and fostering rapport with senior leadership and colleagues, all in the pursuit of manifesting a resolute commitment to achieving success.

Brian has garnered invaluable experience and a wealth of knowledge that equips him to effectively guide and support CEOs and executives in their endeavors to maximize company growth with responsible fiscal management, unwavering profitability, and an unblemished commitment to moral integrity.

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